Monthly Archives: May 2010

London GGUG, 17th May – DSLs in Groovy & Grails 1.3

I’m pleased to announce that the next London GGUG on the 17th May will have a guest from the US: Peter Bell. He’ll be giving a talk on the practical development of a Groovy DSL with emphasis on the practical side. As he says on his blog, this is for both people that want to go further with DSL development and those that simply would like to see in what ways a DSL can help them.

I’ll be speaking on the new features that come with Grails 1.3, focusing in particular on plugins deployed to Maven-compatible repositories.

You can register for the event on the SkillsMatter website, where you can also see synopses of the talks and the speaker bios. Please register soon and I hope to see you there!