Monthly Archives: June 2015

Exploring Kotlin

Welcome to the start of an intermittent series of blog posts where I just talk about various bits of technology that I’m in the process of discovering. Don’t expect much in the way of teaching, but do expect much in the way of erroneous comments as I discuss stuff I don’t yet properly understand.

I’m starting the series with Kotlin, one of a new wave of languages for the JVM. I say wave, but the only other one I can think of is Ceylon. Still, Kotlin and Ceylon are important because, as I understand it, they both aim to provide a solid alternative (AKA replacement) to Java. As you’d expect if you follow me, this post has a definite Groovy flavour with most of the comparisons between that and Kotlin.

So why am I looking at Kotlin anyway? Partly to expand my horizons, partly in search of a statically-typed alternative to Java that I’m happy with, and partly because I think it has a reasonable chance of picking up a sizeable following. It seems like a pragmatic evolution to Java that respects the need for good Java integration and doesn’t introduce anything that’s terribly hard for an older programmer like me to understand. It does include a whole bunch of features I like.

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