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A new approach to training

I’m pleased to announce that I’m working as an instructor for the new Adaptos training company, which is offering a different style of course from the normal intensive ones.

While intensive courses are good for getting started with a particular topic, they are weak in terms of information retention — how much do students remember a few weeks after the course? — and they often don’t allocate sufficient time to allow students to practise what they’ve learned. They can also result in information overload, particularly for less experienced students.

The Adaptos approach is based on a process of guided self-learning across several weeks. The students are provided with a roadmap of topics and a series of related exercises. It’s then up to the students to allocate time to work through the exercises and learn about the various topics through the supplied learning materials or through books, video courses, blog posts or any other source that they choose to use. The more time a student allocates to the training, the more that they learn. What’s even better is that they can learn at their own pace.

The biggest value of the course comes from the instructor, who reviews the work, offers feedback, and can help students understand particular topics that they may be struggling with. Students can also discuss the topics between themselves through Slack and a forum.

Adaptos are initially offering courses for Groovy and Grails, the first one starting on 15th February. If you’d be interested in other subjects or have any questions or feedback about this initiative, let me know in the comments.