Going solo

As the dust settles from the launch of the second edition of Grails in Action, it’s now time to shift focus to other things. I genuinely hope that the book proves a valuable companion to all you Grails developers out there, but it’s been a draining experience. I’ve provided a handy link to the book in the sidebar.

The first step has already been taken: I have my website up and running! That formally announces my availability for consulting and training in both Groovy and Grails, technologies I’ve been involved with for about 8 years now. I plan to extend my offerings to Gradle as well, a tool I believe will become dominant in the area of building software as it has the power, flexibility and accessibility to deal with the all the different requirements of the many builds out there.

A longer term goal of mine is to produce online learning material, both free and paid, to help users of all technologies I favour. This work will appear throughout the year and I’ll announce it through Twitter, Google+ and of course this blog.

Don’t worry though, I’ll still be contributing to open source and keeping the Groovy Podcast trucking along!

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