London GGUG in the new year

After a successful Groovy & Grails eXchange run by SkillsMatter last week, it seems that there is plenty of interest in keeping the London GGUG going on a regular basis. Several ideas were floated then, so I thought I’d bring them up here and elicit feedback:

  1. Two or three standard talks of 30-45mins each about any subject. Topics I would like to see covered include (in no particular order):
    • Gaelyk
    • Griffon
    • Real life Grails on Google App Engine
    • Real life Grails on Cloud Foundry
    • Grails deployment and data migration
    • GPars and/or static Groovy
    • Writing AST transformations
  2. 6 * 10-15min slots on any topic, first come, first served
  3. Plugin-fest – anyone can get up and present for 5-15 mins on their favourite plugins (no agenda)
  4. Crowd-programming on an app, plugin, Grails issues, or anything else

If anyone has other ideas on session types or topics, then please let me know. I’m hoping that I can organise one with SkillsMatter sometime in mid- to late-January, so place your vote on what type of session you’d like! I’m currently thinking of a session with 5 or 6 10-15 min talks on what people are using Grails for, with plenty of time for questions.

I hope to see you in the new year!

5 thoughts on “London GGUG in the new year

  1. Peter Post author

    How about crowd-programming tests for a plugin? One of mine preferably 🙂 We would cover at least unit, functional, and CLI testing, while helping to maintain a plugin.

  2. Sébastien Blanc

    Hi Peter,

    We are also looking at the NLGUG (dutch groovy & Grails User Group) on how we can further develop the group, maybe it’s a good idea to gather all the “good practices”/”successful expreience” from all the GUGs so that we can all take benefit of this feedback …

  3. pratik patel

    I’m working on the agenda for ATL2G for 2010, the Atlanta GGX group. I’m thinking of having a 1/2 day seminar each for Groovy and for Grails – we have alot of people who have interest, but not enough experience working with it hands-on. here are some topics I want to cover in 2010 for ATL2G along with these seminars:
    * Gradle
    * Selling Groovy/Grails in your company
    * Integrating Groovy into your builds
    * Integrating Grails into your builds
    * Grails as platform
    * Groovy/Grails and OSGi
    * Grails in the cloud
    * Griffon
    * GPars

  4. Peter Post author

    @Rob Yes, shocking indeed. It’s the GWT plugin that really needs some work on the test front, particularly as there are at least three different versions of GWT to test against! Trouble is, I have to learn Selenium RC to do the functional tests, and I haven’t invested much time in that yet.

    BTW, have you got a blog post on your page object approach?

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