Idiot’s guide to signing up for Yahoo! Groups

It seems fairly clear that Yahoo! doesn’t have the most intuitive user interface, so here are some instructions that I hope will help people get signed up for Yahoo! Groups with the minimum of fuss. It’s intended for members of my rowing club, Furnivall, but if it works for others, great!

  1. Go to the Yahoo! Groups web page, and click on the Sign Up link
  2. Sign Up link on Yahoo! Groups home page

    Sign Up link on Yahoo! Groups home page

  3. Fill in the form that’s displayed. Don’t forget to tick the checkbox at the end of the form to say you’ve read the terms and conditions! Then click on the “Create My Account” button.
  4. Sign up form

    Sign up form

  5. You will return to the Yahoo! Groups home page. In the top left corner, you will see your username. Hover the mouse over it and select “Account Info” from the drop-down menu.
  6. Yahoo! Groups home page when signed in

    Yahoo! Groups home page when signed in

  7. Yahoo! will ask you for your username and password again (it’s just an extra security step). Enter them and you will be transported to the Account Info page. From here, you will see one or more e-mail addresses. Click on the “Change” link as highlighted in the next image.
  8. Account Info page

    Account Info page

  9. On the next page, you can add or remove e-mail addresses. If you want e-mail from a group to go to a particular e-mail address, and that address is not shown on this page, click on the “Add Another” link.
  10. Adding and removing e-mail addresses

  11. You can now join a group, for example by going back to the home page and searching for the name of the group you want to join. One last thing: changing the e-mail address that the group sends e-mails to. Go to the home page of the specific group you want to configure and click on the “Edit membership” link.
  12. A group home page

  13. From the group membership page, you’ll see that you can select any one of the e-mail addresses you configured earlier. You can also hide your e-mail address if you want.
  14. Edit group membership page

    Edit group membership page

    Now go sign up to those Yahoo! groups!

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